Beginning to Write About Code

After listening to the Shop Talk Show and CodeNewbie podcasts for the last year or so, and hearing the advice time and time again, I’ve finally gotten the itch to write about my code. As any programmer knows, solving problems is kinda what we do all day. Actually it’s more like Google solving our problems and we just have to know the question to ask.

More often than not, I can find the answer on Stack Overflow. If not, I can usually ask a question on there and have it answered right away. Sometimes, however, the problem I’m facing is more idiosyncratic and the people on a relevant IRC channel are being jerks. I’m left to my druthers and I have to piece together several resources to get to my answer.

All that to say, I figure that at some point these “a-ha” moments I finally come to might be beneficial to others.

So, with that I begin the chronicle of Justin’s headaches. First up, working with data-* attributes in JQuery

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